The Top 5 of Responsive Web Design Framework

There are a lot of responsive web design framework in the Internet ranging from the simple to the complex. For the simple ones, The 1140 Grid, Responsive Aeon 2.0, Columnal, Gridiculous, Ingrid, Responsive Grid System by Dennis LeBlanc, Responsive Grid System by Graham Miller, Titan, Ivory and Toast. For a more elaborate there, Base, Zurb Foundation, Gumby, Kube, Skeleton, and Twitter Bootstrap.

And here are the top 5 of Responsive Web Design Framework, those are commonly used nowadays :

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Tips on How To Utilize Some Tools For Optimizing Your eCommerce Website

Marketing can be intimidating for small businesses, especially e-commerce shops. There’s so much competition out there that it’s really difficult to know how to stand out from the crowd. The great thing about the Internet is that it allows you to compete, but you have to know how to utilize the tools that are at your fingertips.

1. Use Content Marketing

Content marketing isn’t just for bloggers – it’s for online stores, too. Most ecommerce templates will allow you to add a blog, which will in turn increase how many people visit your site. You can also use your blog to build your credibility by posting high quality content. In your content, you should also link to other sites – you’ll build reader trust because your visitors will know that your main goal is to help them.

2. Maximize Category Pages

Most category pages just have thumbnail images and links for “More Information.” Instead, create a category page that’s fun for the visitor to explore. Make the page itself look like an interesting setting, like a beach or your photography studio. When the visitor hovers over something on the page, a message can pop up explaining what it is they’re looking at and why it’s useful.

3. Build Better Product Pages

When describing your products, spend time writing the descriptions. Explain what the product does, why it’s useful and why consumers should buy your product instead of the competition’s. Longer descriptions will help your page to rank higher in searches, but make sure to put relevant information in the first paragraph or two in case consumers don’t continue reading.

4. Ask for User Reviews

After someone makes a purchase, ask them to leave a review of the item (once they’ve received it, of course). Most people will head back to your website to leave a review if you give them an incentive, like a discount on their next order. This will not just help build your credibility, but it could also encourage repeat customers.

5. Harness Social Media

Never, ever skip over social media marketing. Using websites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest is the easiest way to build a fan base and increase your audience reach. Make sure to talk to people like they’re people, not like you’re trying to get their money. Remember the “social” part of social media!

The Rapid Growth of Website Design Company as New Trends in Business Services

Like anything else, features on website designs will change periodically as new trends come into play. As the internet evolves, so does everything on it including website design. Years ago, horizontal navigation was the trend as viewers read horizontally. Today, the trend is vertical navigation with easy-to-read fonts and large pictures. Clear pictures that are large in size has replaced small images. Adding large text aids in retina support to keep the viewer’s eyes from getting tired or bored. Color plays a major role in getting across subtle emotions to the viewer. With more and more devices accessing the internet, responsive layout is critical to reaching more viewers. Adding demo videos onto your homepage adds interest to viewers and will get more clicks. CSS3 navigations have become popular adding a personal touch to webpages. Keeping up with all these trends and new innovations will keep your website looking fresh and interesting.

As trends change, it can be difficult for online business owners to spend blocks of hours researching and trying to keep up. There are website design companies that will do this for you. Many will suggest new ideas and features to online business owners to keep their website up-to-date. Using their own team of website designers and graphic artists, these website design companies keep abreast of changes and create their own unique features that they offer to their clients. You can then decide whether or not a specific feature is good for your online website. These professional and innovative services are offered to online businesses of all sizes, including new and small businesses. The goal is to make your business stand out and grow by reaching more viewers. Small and new online business owners will find many website design companies that specialize in this area. Just look at the small business service at to view items that are offered to help small businesses. They are one of many online website design companies that assist small businesses in building a brand name. Web design companies are an asset to online businesses offering many services and products to keep your online business trendy, attractive, and growing.

Crowdfunding: Taking Finance for Your Business to a Whole New Level

When Apple came out with their new phone 5s on September 20, a new trend started among the hackers. A website for ethical hacking asked hackers to breach Apple’s newest venture ‘Touch Id’. This site was completely funded by Apple enthusiasts as well as haters. The winning hackers would get $15,000, a whisky bottle and even a sex book! The crowd was wild, and the funding was great.

In today’s world crowdfunding has become an important word in netizens’ lexicons. Whether you want to start a novel activity or whether you want the world to see something innovative, and whether you would want funds to kick start your business; the answer lies in crowdfunding.

What is crowdfunding?

As the name suggests, it is the means of generating funds for any deed by taking help from a crowd, and in this case, it involves taking donations and help from the people on the internet. A group of investors, a group of artists, or even a group of common World Wide Web users can be a source of generating money for you. The only way you could do this, is being genuine and working actually at the level you have promised. Once the target audience or clientele sees that you are genuine and willing to work, there would be no dearth of any kind of income.

How do you ensure that your techniques for funding will work?

There are plenty of websites and platforms available on the net which will help you gather the necessary funds. But selecting them is the first step and you need to be very thoughtful when you do so. Select a platform based on your priorities. Calculate and analyze your funding needs and only then use that platform.

People or contributors and investors will obviously look for some perks which they can avail once the business is up and earning. Make sure you have something in store for your investors, a little perk here can go a long way in helping you learn the basic rules for attracting better funds. Most investors are looking for innovations and fresh ideas. Your strategies should not be hackneyed and you should have a way with the customers. Connect with them, pay attention to them and then reap the benefits!

Benefits of crowdfunding for a budding company:

Once you have realized the way you can tap into the magic of crowdfunding, you will be reaping the benefits of it for a long time to come. There are various advantages of crowdfunding. These are few of them:

It can strengthen an already existing company: Sometimes, it is always better to get some more cash in hand and get an upsurge. Many existing companies thus strive for crowdfunding to increase their funds and work better.

Freedom from bank loans and installments: Getting funds from the crowd or investors will help you achieve your daily finances and at the same time, free you from the shackles of loans and installments. Now, you no longer have to depend on the banks for getting that new product launched. Your users and viewers can help you out.


Publicity Galore: It can also help to project your company among many interested investors.


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